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Front Garden Landscaping

When was the work done?
November 2003.


What was involved?
Dermot totally re-designed and re-landscaped our front garden.


How did you choose Strong Garden Design?
My husband had played sport with him years ago. He called out and we talked about the garden. He came back to us with an excellent, detailed presentation.


Had you definite ideas in mind before you talked to Dermot Strong?
We had some particular ideas. For example, there was a magnolia we wanted to keep. And stone that we wanted to keep too.


Did Dermot introduce new ideas?
He had fantastic ideas. One of his ideas was raised lavender beds. Numerous people have called to our door looking for the name and number of the person who did them.


How did the project run day to day? Was there any disruption?
Very smoothly. He was wonderful to work with. I had zero complaints. He used a smaller team than usual so it took a bit longer than usual. But, I was at home all the time and it didn’t interfere with my day. He was always on hand for questions. He did everything he said he was going to do. And he finished on time.


What was the biggest benefit to you of using Strong Garden Design?
His design ideas. Some landscapers have very basic ideas, very run of the mill. Dermot’s ideas were very detailed.


What’s your favourite part now? 
Hard to say. The overall look is lovely. The raised lavender beds are lovely.


Would you recommend Strong Garden Design to others?
Absolutely, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him. He gets 10 out of 10!


Any tips for other people?
It’s great if you’re on site to ask questions and see how it’s going.