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Front Garden Redone

When was the work done?
Autumn 2005


What was involved?
We relandscaped our front garden


How did you choose Strong Garden Design?
Dermot worked for one of our neighbours. I saw his work in a variety of gardens around. I liked his work and I liked the way they got it done very quickly.


Had you definite ideas in mind before you talked to Dermot Strong?
Yes I did. I would be quite interested in design and gardening and had a fair idea in what we wanted. The garden had become very unruly, it just needed a nip and a tuck.

Did Dermot introduce new ideas?
I told Dermot what I thought we wanted and he had some views himself. I live in a Georgian house and I wanted something that would fit in with the facade and colour. He suggested finishes and we suggested finishes. Then he went off and sourced a few things and we looked at them and chose what he was going to do. He was easy to work with.


How did the project run?
He told us he would start on a particular day. Then he phoned the week before to say he would start one day later because his previous job had run over. And that’s when he did start. They were incredibly efficient. All they did was work, they didn’t stand around talking – they just did their work and then it was finished. Everything came and it was very successful and we love it.


What was the biggest benefit to you of using Strong Garden Design?
When I first met him I didn’t find him difficult to talk to – everything was very straightforward.


What’s your favourite part now?
We had a large bank with trees in front of our house and we decided we needed more light in our downstairs room. Dermot and his assistant excavated in front of the window to push back that bank, to pick up the sunshine in the front of the house. My husband adores it. Visually I just love the look, it just matches our house, it just fits in, it’s very simple, it’s not ornate at all.


Would you recommend Strong Garden Design to others?
I would.


Any tips for other people?
I think if you are going to hire someone you need to have an idea yourself first, and if you don’t have an idea yourself, you really need to trust the person you’re going to give the work to.