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Ourdoor Room

When was the work done?
August 2004.


What was involved?
Dermot designed and built me a garden room.


How did you choose Strong Garden Design?
Dermot was doing gardening work for a neighbour. We got talking and I told him what I wanted. He was able to produce a design which I thought was fantastic and was competitive.


Had you definite ideas in mind before you talked to Dermot Strong?
Not specifically. I had been looking at commerically available conservatories, but they didn’t suit me. I really wanted a custom built room.


Did Dermot introduce new ideas?
Yes – he suggested using red brick in the structure. It looks like it’s been there for ever and is very sympathetic to the area. He came up with the hexagonal layout. The windows and the roof are lovely too. I’m very pleased with it.


Did the project run smoothly day to day? Was there any disruption?
Very smoothly. Dermot is very reliable. He tidied up everything beautifully. He’s easy to work with.


What was the biggest benefit to you of using Strong Garden Design?
I would trust him. He’s utterly reliable.

And he fitted in with my schedule and budget. He waited until he could get the materials at the right price because he knew I was in no particular hurry and wanted a good price.


Would you recommend Strong Garden Design to others?
I’m delighted to recommend him. I found him terrific and would recommend him to anyone. He did a great job.